Drawing Board is a boutique collaborative label that works closely with artists and clients to develop and manufacture high-quality, custom clothing and merchandise. By identifying each artist’s market and tailoring designs and styles to suit, backed by attention to marketing, presentation and online promotion, Drawing Board helps maximise the artist’s brand and sales.

Complete Merchandise Management

Drawing Board offers a complete merchandise management solution which includes design, manufacturing, management and promotion. From developing original concepts and designs; to sampling and manufacturing products; to management of sales at shows and tours; to online sales and fulfilment – We can take care of all your merchandise needs.

Product Design & Development

In an industry that blends music and fashion it’s essential to identify the latest in style and trends. Drawing Board works closely with artists and clients to identify their market and create custom solutions to suit. Most merchandise providers are limited to standard products such as ill-fiiting tees, hoodies and alike. What separates Drawing Board is the ability to design the latest in style, from custom fit tees and shirts, to high-end jackets, to custom headwear and accessories – and manufacture these items to the highest of quality. We intend to take merchandise to a level of style that has yet to be reached.


With a combined history of over 10 years in the rag trade, Drawing Board has built strong partnerships with local and international suppliers and manufacturers which allows us to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. One of the major hurdles for many clothing labels and merchandise providers is delivering custom design pieces at small quantities. Drawing Board can utilise our connections with our manufacturers to deliver small runs of custom designed products at competitive prices. With attention to detail and an eye for quality, We deliver a level of product that has yet to be seen in merchandise industry.

Tour Management & Event Sales

Drawing Board is able to take control of all live event sales and your tour merchandise management needs. We have teamed up with Australia’s largest merchandise provider and will supply a dedicated Merchandise Manager to deal with all areas of merch whilst on the road, including: staffing, sales, logistics, settle- ments and reporting – Taking the stress away from the artist.

Online Sales

With most fans only having access to artists merchandise at shows, the Internet has fast developed as a great direct-to- market outlet. Drawing Board recognises the importance of online sales and can supply a custom built store for the artist to sell merch direct to their fans. To keep customers coming back to the online store, we work with artists to continually intro- duce new products, online exclusives, offers and discounts. We can also tap into an artist’s databases to send out updates on new products and promotions which maximises recurring sale.


Drawing Board can offer artists and clients a complete web design, management and marketing package. From past experience we have learnt that by assisting with the artist’s online network (Website, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Newsletter, etc) we can help maximise sales by directing all of these components to the artist’s online store. We can offer a custom web solution which will help build the artists brand and fan base, and in turn convert traffic into sales.


  • Custom design products
  • Product concepts
  • Design concepts
  • Graphic design & artwork


  • Staffing
  • Manage sales
  • Settlements
  • Point of sale promo


  • Dedicated online store (with Custom Branding)
  • Secure payments
  • Weekly reporting
  • High quality product photos


  • Assistance with social media posting
  • Innovative marketing & competition setup and planning
  • Product Updates & promotions via EDM’s (Email)
  • Onsite marketing at events

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